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J.K. Moran has more than 30 years legal experience. During the last 15 years, he has specialized in defending people accused of drunk driving or “driving under the influence”. He has many outstanding victories, including some of the most difficult cases in Riverside county history. Among the most noteworthy are the following cases:

           Blood Alcohol Content (BAC): .19%

  • According to the police report, the driver was weaving, admitted to drinking up to 8 beers, said  “I felt the effects of the drinks.”  The jury found this driver not guilty.
  • Location: Palm Springs
  • Details: Driver was weaving in and out of his lane at approximately 10:00 p. m. in Palm Springs. Within seconds of arriving at his home he was contacted by a police officer who had followed him home. The officer alleged that the client admitted to drinking up to eight beers and felt the effects of the drinks.
  • Result: Not Guilty (jury verdict)


Blood Alcohol Content: .21%

  • Location: Riverside County
  • Details: While driving in Riverside County the client was accused of rear-ending an unidentified vehicle. He was contacted by an officer at the scene of the accident. The officer decided the client was under the influence of alcohol. Chemical testing alleged a blood alcohol result of .21%
  • Result: Dismissed after a Moran Motion



Blood Alcohol Content: .14%

  • Location: Riverside County
  • Details: While being driven home by his wife, she pulled over to the side of the road in order to have a discussion with her husband. When the officer arrived at the scene, he alleged that the client was the actual driver, even though the wife was behind the wheel.
  • Result: Case Dismissed



Blood Alcohol Content: .10%

  • Location: San Bernardino County
  • Details: Officer accused the client of driving over the yellow line into oncoming traffic. The client’s blood alcohol level was alleged as a .10%.
  • Result: Charges reduced to a small fine after Mr. Moran discredited the blood alcohol results.



J.K. Moran

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