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“J.K. was able to secure a dry reckless for me. The DUI charge was dismissed. This allowed me to retain my medical license. I am also still able to enter the U.S. from Canada. I will be eternally grateful to Mr. Moran for saving my career and my ability to travel to your wonderful country.”
A.B.      DATED: 3/9/16

“I appreciate all the effort Mr. Moran put into my case. His persistence was great and got me the best offer with the D.A. I would recommend anyone to use his services.”

J.A.     DATED: 5/25/16

“J.K. is very professional and thoughtful attorney. He was always willing to patiently listen to my questions. He gave me answers that I could understand, even though English is not my first language.
He got me a great deal on my second time DUI, even though the prosecutor sad I violated my probation.
I would recommend J.K. to anyone.”

A.K.      DATED: 3/25/15

“I was looking at a second time DUI involving drugs. Mr. Moran made the charges go away. I kept my license and started my life over with a clean slate. J. K. MORAN is the greatest attorney I have ever known, and I have known many.”

J. R., Indio

“Two cops said I was driving the wrong way! They claimed I had a .14 blood alcohol level. Attorney MORAN won the DMV hearing and got my license back. He won my case in court, too. Thanks, J. K.”

J. O., Palm Springs

“I was locked up for a serious felony with no money for bail. I was looking at serious jail time for my second offense, but J. K. got me out FAST. When it really matters, trust J. K.”

J. G., Desert Hot Springs

“I thought I had seen great attorneys until I saw J. K. MORAN try my case. The jury loved him and I do too. He also did a great job with the DMV. They screwed up my records and J. K. made them correct them.”

J. V., Cathedral City

“I had a DUI with a .21 blood alcohol level and an accident. J. K. proved I wasn’t driving and the case was dismissed. Thank you, J. K.”

W. P., Encino

“I was accused of driving over the yellow line into oncoming traffic. The officer’s machine said I was a .10 blood alcohol, but J. K. proved the machine was wrong. The DMV restored my license and the DUI was dismissed in court. I paid only a small fine for a very minor offense. I would refer anyone I know to him. Thank you, J. K.”

T. C., Yucca Valley

“I was charged with a DUI after driving with two flat tires. The officer claimed I refused to take a breath test. J. K. won the DMV hearing and then got the D. A.’s office to reduce the charges to a very minor offense. Moran is truly “the Man.”

B. F., Palm Springs

“As a sworn law enforcement officer, I would not have been able to keep my job if convicted of a DUI refusal with an accident. J. K. got that charge dismissed. I only had to plead to a minor dry reckless. I even paid him a big bonus at the end.”

A., California

“I was very scared when they said I was DUI from drugs and alcohol. I was out of state, but I needed to drive in California. J. K. MORAN won the DMV hearing and got my license restored. He got the DUI in court dismissed! I gladly took a dry reckless and paid a small fine. I never even had to appear in court. Best of all, in two years I’m eligible to have Mr. MORAN clean up my whole record, like it never happened. Whether you are in California or out of state, I wholeheartedly recommend that you retain J. K. MORAN as your attorney.

S. A., Arizona

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